Terence Williamson Crystal Pot Call with Diamondwood Striker

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This signature friction call was designed by World and Grand National Friction Calling Champion, Terence Williamson. This crystal call is one of Terence’s favorite hunting combinations. It features a cherry pot, a purpleheart sound board, a one-piece flare tip diamondwood striker, and a conditioning stone. From soft clucks and purrs, to loud, aggressive yelps and cuts, this call will do it all.

When you think about friction turkey calls, you simply won’t find a more accomplished contest caller than Terence Williamson of Tuscaloosa, AL. He is the 2019 World Turkey Calling Champion (friction) and the back-to-back Grand National Air-friction team calling champion (2019 & 2020). He is the 12-time Alabama State champion, 2-time Mississippi state champion, 2-time grand American junior champion and the 2-time Yellville National Friction Champion.

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