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Episode 109 - Walker Davidson: World Traveler

Legend has it, Johnny Cash cut the record "I've Been Everywhere" because he heard the story of Walker Davidson. Over the last year, Walker has guided and hunted on 3 continents, 4 countries, several states - and he still ain't done yet! Listen in as he tells us about life on the road, stories from the places he has been, and things he's learned along the way.

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Episode 108 - Matt Ryan: Duck Dog Vet

This week, Frawley, Spence, and RT had a talk with Matt Ryan (@duckdogvet). We let Matt nerd out on what he does day to day in the clinic, as well as some helpful tips to keep you hunting dog as healthy as possible, for as long as possible.

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Episode 107 - Meet Frawley

On this episode, Spence sits down amongst the shop's chaos to introduce you to the new kid on the block - William Frawley. Get to know the new podcast host, as well as a run down on our recent trip to ATA in Indianapolis.

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