Hunter Wallis Mouth Call [HW2]

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3 Reed Proph Bat-Wing Cut

This signature call was designed by World and Grand National Champion, Hunter Wallis. It consists of three prophylactic reeds with a bat-wing cut and a relief cut in the middle reed. This signature 3 reed bat-wing call with thin prophylactic reeds is a perfect call for soft clear to raspy calling, making it ideal for callers who don’t use a lot of air pressure. It's great for soft yelps, clucks and purrs, and light whistles.

Hunter Wallis is by far the most decorated contest caller of his generation. With 9 Grand National titles, 2 World Championships, 2 US Opens, and 10 PA State Championships under his belt, he knows a thing or two about the way a yelper ought to sound. He completed his first grand slam at the age of 12, and at the ripe old age of 23 Hunter has completed several more.

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