Brute XL Cutdown

Sale Price$175.00

Color: Blackout

Extra large and in charge.

As its name suggests, the Brute XL is bigger than its predecessors in every way. It boasts a 3¼" barrel, the same size barrel as vintage P.S. Olt cutdowns. It offers a bigger exhaust, a longer tone board, and contains a step-bore system: a first for us at Rolling Thunder. These features allow more precise control in both sound and tone for experienced callers who can properly introduce clean air into the call.

While the Brute and Brute R have back pressure and forgiveness built into them, the Brute XL demands heavier airflow to get the reed running as designed. The result is a call that can withstand the air pressure you put through it. Don't be afraid to lean into the Brute XL and let it eat - we promise, it can handle it.

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