JR Lanham Signature Mouth Call [2 Reed Combo Cut]

JR Lanham Signature Mouth Call [2 Reed Combo Cut]

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This signature call was designed by World and Grand National Champion, JR Lanham. Consisting of 2 reeds and a combo cut, this signature call is perfect for soft calls including yelps, clucks, purrs, whines, and whistles. It's a great call for finishing gobblers when they’re getting close.

JR Lanham of Bunker, MO doesn’t remember a time that he wasn’t chasing critters in the Ozark mountains with his family. JR is a seasoned and skilled woodsman in addition to being a highly decorated contest caller. He is the 2009 US Open Champ, a 6-time National Champ, 6-time National King of Champions, 3-time Grand National Two Man Champ, and 2-time World Two Man Champ.